Terms & Conditions (Updated 2024) in U9Play Win

The accompanying regulations constitute a contract between customers and U9Play.

By registering with U9Play Malaysia, you accept and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (the ‘Terms’) by accessing the U9Play website and registering to participate in any of the interactive online games (collectively the ‘Games’) via our site. Please read them thoroughly and ensure that accessing the activities is contingent on your complete understanding of their contents and agreement to be bound by them.
  2. At least 18 years of age is a prerequisite for customers to place wagers. U9Play retains the prerogative to request customers furnish evidence of their age and may temporarily suspend their accounts until appropriate documentation is received.
  3. It is the responsibility of the consumer to maintain the confidentiality of their username and security information. Customers should promptly inform us if they have any suspicions that this may no longer be the case. The consumer shall be held liable for any transactions conducted using the username.
  4. It is not possible for customers to modify or cancel a wager once it has been submitted and confirmed.
  5. U9Play retains the prerogative to nullify any or all wagers placed by an individual or group of individuals with the intent to defraud us. In the event that U9Play discovers evidence linking a sequence of bets, all of which feature the same selection, to the same individual or syndicate, the organization or group may nullify the wagers and suspend the accounts associated with the affected accounts.
  6. U9Play retains the prerogative to immediately and arbitrarily terminate your account if any wagers are placed with the intention of deceiving U9Play, or if such wagers are sponsored or contracted with by a bookmaker or wagering syndicate with the intention of maximizing payouts on our games. Moreover, we retain the prerogative to deduct any winnings, in addition to the principal, from any individual who is discovered to have engaged in such conduct.
  7. We will maintain records of all transactions and wagers and conduct sporadic security checks in order to safeguard your funds. You agree that in the event of a security check, we may request additional documentation to verify your identity as the account holder.
  8. You are required to promptly notify us of any inaccurate personal account information or other financial data pertaining to your account. Neglecting to do so could result in the rejection of transactions by your financial institution. We shall not be held liable or responsible for any transactions that are declined due to inaccurate information provided by you, provided that you have neglected to notify us of any modifications or accurate details.
  9. English is the language of reference for the current Terms and Conditions. Notwithstanding the meticulousness exercised during the translation process, should any provision of these terms and conditions prove difficult to understand, solely the English rendition shall hold legal force.
  10. It is strictly prohibited for individual consumers to establish duplicate accounts (i.e., multiple accounts in the same currency) on U9Play. Customers whose duplicate accounts are discovered will have their accounts suspended.
  11. Account registration in which duplicate information is entered through the intentional manipulation of personal details may lead to the permanent revocation of access to the gaming account, should it be discovered. Users are granted the prerogative to have any accumulated rewards revoked by U9Play. And the account will be permanently frozen.
  12. Special offers, promotions, and/or bonuses are governed by their own distinct terms. The player acknowledges and commits to reading and comprehending the terms that are relevant to every incentive that they obtain. At any time, U9Play reserves the prerogative to revoke any incentive, special offer, or promotion.
  13. U9Play reserves the prerogative to request that customers provide certain documentation prior to the release or approval of any withdrawal. Such documentation may include proof of personal identification, a front and back copy of a credit card or debit card, a passport, driver’s license, recent bank statement, or any other pertinent material deemed necessary by U9Play in its sole discretion. U9Play reserves the right to immediately void any winnings in your account if you do not comply with any security request.
  14. These terms and conditions are included in the U9Play General Terms and Conditions.
  15. These terms and conditions take precedence over any information exchanged via phone, email, or conversation.

General Conditions and Terms of Promotion

  1. Each individual, family, household, email, and telephone number is restricted to one promotional offer. Additionally, the same payment account number, shared computer (e.g., at school, the public library, or the workplace), and shared IP address are prohibited.
  2. The majority of our promotions necessitate a rollover. This implies that the member will be required to satisfy the rollover stipulation prior to initiating any withdrawals.
  3. Bets placed on the draw or on opposing parties will not be factored into the calculation or applied towards the rollover requirement.
  4. U9Play retains the prerogative to revoke the bonus eligibility, bonus amount, and any concomitant bonus earnings of any customer or group of customers who engage in suspiciously repetitive wagering activities that have the potential to yield guaranteed profits and/or bonus eligibility. This potentially fraudulent behavior may encompass, but is not restricted to, recurring wagering patterns on identical events, markets, or selections that can be detected in a single account or across multiple accounts.
  5. U9Play reserves the right to deduct the bonus and any associated winnings from the customer’s account in the event of bonus abuse.
  6. Promotional Malice Behavior that may be observed includes, but is not limited to the following: recurring or suspicious betting patterns on identical events, markets, or selections that can be identified across multiple accounts; an excessive number of bets on identical selections within a short time period when compared to typical betting patterns; and so forth.
  7. U9Play disclaims liability for any consequences that may arise from members providing inaccurate or incomplete information, which may lead to the postponement or non-receipt of gifts or fortunate draw prizes.
  8. At our discretion, U9Play may modify, terminate, reclaim, or decline any promotion.
  9. Every management decision is conclusive.
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